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Corporate Teams

Corporate Teams operate better when leadership invests in professional development for their staff. Technology training courses empowers your team to feel more confident with their scheduled task, work efficiently and create meaningful contributions towards achieving the company's vision & goals.


Calling all Non-Profits, We are your partner to train your client population with our Work Readiness Microsoft Office curriculum.

Ready & Able

Our Ready & Able courses will give you the dedicated and customized training that will not only make you competent in your technology usage but confident as well.

Kids & Young Adult

Education Facilities know that children, we know future and the future is tech based. Give your school the edge by hiring us to come in and make your afterschool enrichment hours filled with fun and educational tech classes.

Executives & Leadership

The Training Concierge was created for the busy executive that has a passion for life long learning. We work at your schedule on a 1:1 basis. The curriculum is customized by your needs. This service truly is just for you.

Seniors & Leisure

Seniors becoming familiar with technology bridges the gap in communication as well as improves every day life. As the world becomes more technology dependant. Acquiring these skills helps maintain independence and build confidence. We are here to help you bridge the gap and have fun doing it.

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