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Empowering people for over 14 years by improving their confidence in their use of technology for both work and leisure


Patrice Crooks, Technology Leader


Passionate technology training leader who is humbled daily by my ability to create a safe nurturing educational environment.  When learning delivers a positive impact it not only brightens your day, it empowers your future. 

For over 14 years, I have trained corporate executives, students, and at-risk women in a wide variety of software programs.  The sense of accomplishment clients feel when they master technology skills, in software from Microsoft Office to Adobe Creative Suite or even Coding, is the reason Competitive Edge Tech Training exists.  

My company provides a unique and holistic approach to training that fortifies and builds a bridge toward a strong knowledge base, whether you are the employee or the CEO.


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We are here to help you gain the confidence you need.   We understand a cookie cutter syllabus may not fit your unique needs. Our discreet 1:1 technology training sessions are customized just for you. 

Train Your Team

The cost of under-skilled employees ultimately affects company profits. This hidden cost is rarely addressed and appears in the form or redundant work processes as well as the overtime incurred by employees that lack to skills to effectively, efficiently, and accurately complete tasks on time and to satisfaction with minimum errors or revisions. Organizations typically do not have a consistent, reliable training mechanism using a well-designed assessment to track and document employee professional development initiatives.

We are the solution to improving your bottom line and achieving your vision through effective  professional development


& Recommendations

George L.

"Patrice has done a great job for me at START Treatment and Recovery Center, where we most needed assistance with moving from one current EMR system to another with minimal down time to impact revenue. She is a great source for support in a challenging human services field."

Elizabeth B.

"Patrice is a computer professional who is always willing to assist you on any project you might be working on, whether it’s for school, work, or personal endeavors! She’s affordable and provides the tech support you need on the spot that would be appreciated at industries across the spectrum."

Keith W.

Every time I have encountered Patrice she always displayed the most positive, cheerful, and can-do attitude, which she transferred in her work, making her a delightful person with whom to be around.  Patrice is one of those people who will prove herself to be an asset to any company who needs a training partner.

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